Birthday Balloons

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We have been busily working towards our 101/1001 goals.  I have been trying to teach my cat a trick (74) for three weeks now.  What I have discovered is that nothing motivates her except perhaps my misery and the feeling she gets from mocking my attempts at finding things to motivate her.  I realise now why they abandoned attempts at performing experiments on cats.

We did however, fill a room with balloons (7).  Rachel's middle boy got his very own bedroom away from his annoying little brother (his words) for his 6th birthday.  Could you have imagined anything better at that age?

Fill a room with balloons as a birthday surprise

Grandma took the birthday boy out for the morning and the furniture got moved with, I might add, no swearing.  Could you imagine?  A quick room change with no expletives?  You might not be swearers in your house but we are so it was kind of a big deal.  Sort of a warm up to No Swear week (98 - what were we thinking?).

We contemplated completely filling the room and after inflating about 17 decided that was over-reaching.  Waist deep would be good enough and still equally exciting.

After about 34 more balloons we decided that waist deep would actually detract from the impact of him seeing his new room. 

It looked fantastic and it was super fun!  Happy Year of Being 6! And yay to us for crossing another thing off our list!

The Tooth Fairy

Do you do the Tooth Fairy?  It's all so controversial these days.  How much money do you give? Is it ok to lie to my kid?  What do you do with all the damn teeth you end up with? 

I walk the path of lying to my kids and giving them an amount determined by how much I had in my purse on the first night that my eldest child lost his first tooth ($1).  I'm not going to obsess about it, but I do like how excited my kids are about it.  

If you want to go all out, here are a few options.

How Super Duper - Tooth Fairy Goodies
  1. Custom Tooth Fairy Pillow by Hannalah on Etsy
  2. Mini Tooth Envelope by Nennelv on Etsy
  3. Tooth House Pillow by Apple White on Etsy
  4. Mini lettter from the Tooth Fairy, (in case you couldn't be bothered doing it yourself) by Art to Heart Creations on Etsy
  5. Official Tooth Fairy Kit by the Office of the Tooth Fairy
  6. Tooth Fairy Pillow by Pilosale on Etsy